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How to get more Business

When you first set up in business, one of the biggest shocks you get is how hard it is to attract enough interest in what you are doing and when you do get some interest how do you convert it into deals that earn you the money you need.

If you’re like most people setting up in business for the first time you don’t know what you don’t know and finding someone to trust is hard. I know, I’ve been there.

Most of us are in the business to business world – we have a skill that we think we can sell to other businesses. But how are you going to promote yours – chatting on facebook doesn’t seem the best way forward but cold calling seems equally impossible.

You haven’t got a great deal of time to allocate to sales and marketing – research shows most business people spend 12 to 15 hours a week on promotion (marketing, selling and networking)

You need to get smart at what you do. So we created 1Man Brand as a self training package to get you the results you need from the time you have available. It shows you step by step how to get better at selling and how to construct the online materials that will back up what you're doing face to face. This video tells you a bit more.

It’s got quite a track record already. It started life in 2005 as a workshop developed while I was the Regional Chair for the Chartered Institute of Marketing for consultants who needed some help promoting themselves. Then it got turned into a 4 lesson course which was adopted by PRIME – a Prince’s Trust charity supporting entrepreneurs over 50.

We took a down to earth approach and called the four modules

  • What’s Your Story
  • Telling it in Writing
  • Telling it Face to Face
  • Telling it on line.

And we've added an extra Business Basics model to help you sanity check your business model.

The writing module became the basis of an online copywriting course developed for a world famous international conference organisation. The online module turned into a book – “Social Media for Real Businesses” based on a whole string of research projects carried out for several major UK Universities (RHUL, Brunel, Southampton), BNI, the networking organisation and Yell the online directory all of whcih looked at what innovative small companies were doing to promote themselves both on and offline.

And then this summer, a colleague said – you know you really ought to beef up the sales part - times are tough and people need to get better at it. So that’s what we did – the sales bit is called the Gospel according to O’Hara after the guy who taught us to sell – and more importantly to manage sales all those years ago. It’s systems that work in sales – you have to know what the steps are to the sale and what the fall off rate as you go up the pyramid or down the funnel according to how you like to look at it.

You can buy or rent the whole programme or individual sections here.

You see the truth is that in the business to business world you get business face to face. It’s the action of the play if you like. All the other stuff – the written collateral, the online material is to provide the scenery. After all people are going to Google you to see if you know your stuff, have some recommendations and other social proof about you being good at delivery and being easy to work with. So you need to have something there for them to find.

The market is really a series of conversations – that’s how people discover whether they want to deal with you and you discover how and at what price you can help them. Finding advocates helps, having a good reputation helps – you build it by following the rules of considerate networking both on and offline. But finally you have to discover what the customer needs, demonstrate that you are uniquely qualified to help and get the all important yes to the question “shall I get on with it then?”

So the New 1Man Brand updates all the earlier stuff to take account of the research findings. It's much more hard edged in the sales department and has added a bonus module on business basics to make sure that you find out what it is that the market wants to buy and construct a business model that means you make money. After all there’s no point making lots of sales if all you do is lose money on each one. That way you go bust quickly rather than slowly.

If you buy 1 Man Brand you get around 5 and a half hours of video material – slides plus voice over. It includes a copy of the Social Media for Real Businesses work book in e-book format and some One to one support is available in several ways – by Skype, by workshop or by individual consultancy. For more details ring (0044) 1825 724282

At the end of the course you’ll have a complete marketing plan with an achievable amount of work that will help you get the sales you need – given a viable market for your offering.

If you need help and advice that’s available in different forms at affordable rates.

You can buy or rent the whole programme or individual sections here.

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