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What does the programme cover?

What does the programme cover?

Sales and marketing is the number one concern of most small businesses. Most of us don't have a great deal of money to spend and we need to tell our story in the most cost-effective way. So we need to work out the best way of reaching the market with a story that relates us to our customers.

You have 12-15 hours a week to make your case – that’s to cover everything including writing, social media and blogging, face to face networking and of course selling.

So you need to work smart as well as hard. Most small businesses are selling services, not products and most are in the business to business sector. That means that in practice they have a smallish number of customers that are important to them and that most orders will involve some face to face selling.

So that means that your marketing activity has two purposes – to generate leads or enquiries and to provide the scenery for the play in the form of supporting information. Traditionally that has been brochures but in today’s world people are going to check you out on line. They’ll Google you before or after they meet you. You need them to find good stuff about you. Testimonials, examples of your work, things that reassure them that

  • You know your stuff
  • You do what you say you will
  • You are easy to work with.

So 1Man Brand will teach you how to sell, how to network effectively and how to write and position the background material on line that will help you make your case.

We’ve recently updated the material to focus on online collateral and face to face selling but we’ve retained the original structure and added a business basics module to help you think through your offers in more detail.

What's Your Story introduces you to the idea that not everyone sees the world the way we do ourselves. We look at some ideas from psychology about different ways of thinking, different value systems and different motivations.

Sales and Marketing is emotional. You need to connect with your customer on some fundamental level if you want your message to resonate. This module encourages you to think about what your values are and what your customers are and gives you a step by step approach towards defining what your message is. Then you have to express it in in the sort of language you would use if you were having a face to face conversation with a typical customer.

Telling it in writing is about attention and it covers the fundamentals of good copywriting practice for people who are going to have to write their own. It focuses on online copy with details on website page layout and the intricacies of writing emails. It covers how to create your online collateral library to build your credibility and finishes with a crash course on the basics of PR - when and how to use it.

Telling it Face to Face is about selling. People who are not used to selling make 2 critical mistakes. One is that they are not systematic about how they go about it. This means that when they finally do get to the stage of employing another salesperson they don't know how to hold them to account. The other error is that they don't realise that being themselves and using silence and listening are the most effective ways of getting results.

This module recognises that just because you are on your own doesn't mean that you don't have to deal with complex selling situations. It covers the basic and reviews useful advanced procedures like LACPAAC, SPIN and PowerBase selling.It talks about presentation and closing and finishes by explicitly telling you what you need to measure to be successful in sales and what procedures to follow. This section has been expanded and includes some detailed sheets you can use to track your own progress and that of your team. It’s been subtitled the Gospel according to O’Hara after the guy who taught me how to sell.

Teling it On-Line is about internet marketing. It covers the basics of how Google works and how to create and deploy ad-words effectively. It covers blogging and the use of video and social media including groups on Facebook and has a section on how you can build your own credibility by curating other people’s material and embedding it in your own web profiles.

The programme consists of 5 slide plus voice-over presentations lasting 5 hours in total. Each session is broken down into sections of around 20 minutes each. You can dip and out of it as you need to. You can also view the presentations on line and the product ships with a copy of our “Social Media for Real Businesses” workbook in e-book format.

You can buy or rent it online here

Testimonials - what people have said about it.

"I would recommend Alan's 1 Man Brand to anybody who is serious about moving their business on or for people looking to start any new venture. Fantastic product, best thing I've invested in this year - Lee Smallwood"

"I have just finished working my way through Alan's 1manbrand tutorial. It is an excellent tutorial-in-a-box - very comprehensive. I was very impressed with the content in it, and then I realised there were additional folders with even more useful presentations in!! The Articulate product works really well too, great way to combine listening with the visual prompts of the slides.

Definitely excellent value for money at the price Alan is charging! The flexibility it gives you, allowing you to select the items that are of most importance to you at that moment, and then revisit other areas when it suits you, is a unique value-add over traditionally delivered seminars. It is like having your own personal expert on hand! I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to work on their own personal/company brand"
Christine Clacey, Transforming Dreams Ltd.

I've attended Alans workshop and used his "one man brand" product to help me develop an understanding of how my services can be "market driven" and ethical. The result is that I have more customers from ecademy and elsewhere than before and am happier to sell to those customers than I was previously. Alans insights are valuable and will have an impact on your profitability if you apply the principles and tools in the products effectively. Dennis Barker.

If you've already made up your mind you can buy the Small Business Marketing Course here.


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